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Crane Services


Crane Use

          For jobs that require crane use we have the equipment for the job. Carroll and Company Tree Services has cranes available to take care of the heavy lifting while keeping your property safe. When a crane is brought to the site it is to help with tree removal, it is because the removal is quite complicated or large. When a tree becomes hazardous, a crane is the safest way to remove it. Crane work is also necessary to complete tree jobs when homes and office building are at risk of being damaged.

Crane Rental


       Whether you need to have something lifted or moved, Carroll & Company ​​​​​​​​​​​Tree Services has exactly what you're looking for. We employ professional crane operators who work the tree business every day. Having a crane operator that is in the business and has the expertise needed to get the job done right is extremely important. A tree removal operator must have the necessary skills to complete removal in a safe manner, which is very different from a regular crane operator.

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