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Tree Services

Count on us to tailor to your needs whatever they are​. Whether it's tree trimming, shaping or removal we have the staff to tackle it all.

Pruning / Shaping

Pruning is necessary for alot of reasons. For safety removing dead branches that may fall could prevent damages or injury. Removing dead and/or damaged branches will also help prevent insects and other organisms from entering the tree. For health reasons it will prevent the tree from spreading disease. Thinning the crown will allow air to flow to the top of the tree putting less pressure on the root system. Proper pruning procedure will help maintain a strong tree structure, stability and help prevent any hazardous situations. "BAD" pruning may result in decaying.

Tree Health

                              Is your tree healthy? 

1. Does the wood look dry and lifeless breaking easily?

2. Is your tree old and fragile, shedding branches everytime a storm passes through?

3. Does it appear to be hollow or unstable?

4. Is your tree decaying from the inside out or have fungi growing?

5. Uneven growth pattern?

6. Cracks or deep splits in bark?

      If any of these apply to you or if your not sure, give us a call we will come out an evaluate your tree and let you know what our experts recommend.

Stump Grinding

     Stumps can not only be unsightly but also a falling danger. Removing a tree stump will prevent roots from damaging sidewalks and foundations. Overtime roots will expand and start to crack sidewalks and driveways. Also insects, bees and other bugs are attracted to tree stumps. They can invade your property and become a nuisance. 

    Removing the stump yourself may seem like a good idea, but other problems could arise. Carroll and Company Tree Services has top of the line stump grinding equipment that will destroy the stump and the roots. So if you have those old stumps you keep wanting to get rid of just give us a call or send us an email and we will be sure to help.

Tree Removal

  Trees can be a beautiful addition to your yard but when they are dieased, dying or dead they pose a threat to your family and surronding areas. Heavy limbs or the trees themselves can fall onto your house, power lines, or neighbors property. Than it becomes a liabilty to the home owner. 

     Tree removal can be a hazardous job. We have the knowledge and equipment to remove trees even in the toughest situations. With over 20 years experience Carroll and Company Tree Services has trained professionals in this field that work together in removing trees from your property safely and without damaging your house or other property. After the work is complete our cleanup crew will remove all debris and leave your property clean and neat.

Storm Damage

  In our area we have seen many severe storms and unfortunately, no one can prevent tree damage brought on by bad weather. During late summer months and early fall months there is hurricane season and in December, January and February there could be severe blizzards, ice and/or snow storms. Un-healthy trees are prone to falling especially during these months. It can leave your house, yard and surrounding areas a complete mess. Leave the clean up to Carroll and Company Tree Services, we offer complete storm damage clean up services. ​Our crew will cut, chip and remove all debris from your property.

  Safety Tips:

      1. Stay away from any down powerlines

      2. DON'T try to remove any trees/large branches from your roof     

         (Attemping to do so could result in more damage)     

Free Estimates


  Dont know what needs to be done, dont worry! Our experienced staff will come out to your property and make recommendations for all the work that is needed. We will provide you with a hand written estimate sheet for all the services we recommend. When you are ready to have the work done just give us a call at     609-689-2777 or send us email us at: We will set up a date and time to complete the job.

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